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Before his wife's lover's age was made public, Mr Robinson said: 'I love my wife. In a spirit of humility and repentance, Iris sought my forgiveness.

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He said that Mrs Robinson was keen to 'support this guy'.He, after all, became a founder member of the Democratic Unionist Party after the IRA killed one of his schoolfriends, an understandable catalyst to activism.But last year came proof that even idealism can be waylaid by materialism.He spoke of Iris's generosity in allowing him the freedom to engage in controversial, often extremist, politics, and the threats to their safety such a stance would attract.Somewhere along the way, though, the Robinsons lost focus on the ideals that forged their very public lives.He is less showy - he supports Chelsea, enjoys golf and bowling and breeds exotic Koi carp, some specimens of which can sell for many thousands of euro.

Over four years, they also managed to claim £30,000 for food alone. When Iris was asked to comment on an attack on a gay man in her constituency, she used the opportunity to in turn attack homosexuality itself, calling it 'an abomination' that made her 'sick and nauseous'.

The Mail revealed that the Robinsons' annual income, a combination of salaries and expenses, was almost £572,000.

They earned a combined total of £246,017 from six jobs. He also is paid £71,434 as First Minister while she pockets another £9,550 as a borough councillor for Castlereagh.

He was fined 17,500 Irish Pounds for unlawful assembly.

Politically, Mrs Robinson, nee Collins, is generally seen as less solid than her husband and more likely to say what she is thinking rather than maintaining a diplomatic gravitas; she was censured in 2007 for using 'unparliamentary' language to describe another Assembly minister.

She was a secretary, he a college graduate who had started work as an estate agent.