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Ang dating biblia tagalog version

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The database is now modified and can recognize now the audio you will add for this version.The Tagalog audio files available for this version are available in Mapalad ang Bumabasa Youtube Page.

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Download the app in the Playstore and install it in your Android phone.To download and convert them to mp3 audio files, go to and paste the specific youtube link (Book Chapter) to be converted.Save and rename the converted mp3 audio files in this format: B[book number]___[chapter number]_[Tagalog Book Name]_______TGLTABN2DA Example: B01___01_Mateo_______TGLTABN2DA B01___28_Mateo_______TGLTABN2DA B02___01_Marcos_______TGLTABN2DA B03___01_Lucas_______TGLTABN2DA B04___01_Juan_______TGLTABN2DA B05___01_Gawa_______TGLTABN2DA B06___01_Roma_______TGLTABN2DA B07___01_1Corinto_______TGLTABN2DA B08___01_2Corinto_______TGLTABN2DA B10___01_Efeso_______TGLTABN2DA B11___01_Filipos_______TGLTABN2DA B12___01_Colosas_______TGLTABN2DA B09___01_Galacia_______TGLTABN2DA B13___01_1Tesalonica_______TGLTABN2DA B14___01_2Tesalonica_______TGLTABN2DA B15___01_1Timoteo_______TGLTABN2DA B16___01_2Timoteo_______TGLTABN2DA B17___01_Tito_______TGLTABN2DA B18___01_Filemon_______TGLTABN2DA You may also opt to removed the introductions in the audio files and start immediately with the actual Bible reading.Offered side by side with KJV English version,utilizing the power of IOS device for Tagalog speaking community in Philippines. Offered side by side with KJV English version,utilizing the power of android device for French speaking community (in Russia) A...We are happy to offer Armenian Bible, Աստուածաշունչ for your android devices.After installing, open the app, go to the downloads section.

Select the “1905 Ang Dating Biblia Drama” and touch the download icon to download both the Old Testament & New Testament text.

We are happy to offer Tagalog Bible, Ang Biblia (Filipino Version) for your android devices.

Offered side by side with KJV English version,utilizing the power of android device for Tagalog speaking community in Philippines.

FEATURES -Comes with Audio ( Requires internet connection and can download for offline listen) .

-Comes with KJV/NIV/ESV English version -Search function for easy navigation -Share your favorite verse through Mail, SMS, Facebook -Choose from a different font size and background image It comes complete with New and Old testaments.

This app requires root access to modify the database of the app so it a must that your android phone is rooted. The editor will now search for all the database available for this app.