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Baha'i dating site

Sites I reviewed previously no longer exist, but Two Doves is obviously a long time labor of love and sacrifice.

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They are two helpmates, two intimate friends, who should be concerned about the welfare of each other.Sex relationships of any form, outside marriage, are not permissible therefore…” “The Bahá’í teachings on sexual morality center on marriage and the family as the bedrock of the whole structure of human society and are designed to protect and strengthen that divine institution.Bahá’í law thus restricts permissible sexual intercourse to that between a man and the woman to whom he is married.” "The Bahá’í Faith recognizes the value of the sex impulse….I distrust any website where I have to sign up before I can find such basic information.UPDATE: TWO DOVES has had a facelift and added zippy site performance, and still provides good information.There were a couple glitzy and easy to navigate sites with a lot of boilerplate text similar to other commercial pages, but whose fine print suggests they have no idea what the Bah' Faith is about.

It's critical to read the agreement pages carefully before joining.

The proper use of the sex instinct is the natural right of every individual, and it is precisely for this purpose that the institution of marriage has been established." "...

Bahá’u’lláh hath said that the various races of humankind lend a composite harmony and beauty of color to the whole.

Bahs can be serious about looking for potential spouses, yet for many, there are often few local choices for Bah friends, let alone life partners.

While there are Bah's in every country in the world, it's only about 9 million total.

I feel a disclaimer is necessary: be warned that all of these sites collect and maintain extensive personal information, which is a saleable product.