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Bt home hub dynamic dns not updating

Whereas it looks like the 2700 will be able to do this.So I am likely to sell my 2500 when the time comes and get the 2700 instead.

I can't say $500, but I dunno, maybe you can get down to $700 on a YSP2500, or if they actually mark it as a run-out / clearance model you might get lower still." so basically these expensive soundbars are better than normal ones (not my words and really not hard to beat a "normal" soundbar) but the review claims differently.. at $2500 and reading the speaker specs (most use 10% THD ) it is questionable It's a Soundbar – that's what they do – reflect sound to try and mimic surround speakers. I've got a Yamaha 2500 and it's pretty good despite my imperfect room size.Want something a bit better and that passes HDR signals – hence why i was considering the 2700.If you scroll down the pages for both of these links, you'll see the drivers mounted to fire sound up at your ceiling. mode=model The 2700 is a incremental update to the 2500 – updated HDCP and HDR support plus a little more wireless connectivity. The 5600 is at Atmos soundbar that already has HDCP 2.2 but no HDR.So, the jury is out there on whether they would give owners a firmware update for HDR (if that's possible) or they release a '5700' (or something) as they have down the range. the 2500 doesnt support hdcp 2.2 whatever that means.

I can confirm (now that I have my 4k TV) that the problem with the 2500 is that it doesn't pass through HDR (it will pass through 4k video, but not HDR information).

not saying it wont sound good or bad but looking at the atmos website there are exact speaker placements for atmos sound.

from dolby website "More-advanced sound bars are now available, equipped with Dolby Atmos® technology to provide a deeper sense of immersion and sense of height than is available from basic sound bars.

I get where you're coming from as I too love to have the newest gadgetry, but, if that's your sole reason for a sale and upgrade... It's got Atmos and DTS: X with a firmware update (which was written ages ago, so you'd hope a shop-fresh one might even have the FW update installed for you).

you can probably overcome that issue with different cabling; Shield directly to TV, TV passing audio to soundbar? I think they actually did the 5600 as a pretty forward-looking model.

I've heard this soundbar in a few environments (including home) and it's pretty startling how good of a job it does. surely not something to discount until you experience it.