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Timy.^n*ii«1toi - As Idaho Public Utilities Commission members, they are behind tlie paces we T\MN FALLS - They don't gel much pay to dial lung-disiance. TTie Imemet address for Idalio Transportation Department ro.-»d reports is: hiip.// LViui/Indianapolis 80 G5 Kansas City 88 70 .17 Las Vegas 106 81 Los Angeles 98 70 Memphis f 88 G5 Miami Deoch 91 78 .02 Milwauheo 88 eo-- Minneapolis *91 63 New Oilcans 89 75 New Vor K 88 76 Oklahoma City 94 67 Omaha 89 69 ,41 Phocnii 102 87 Pillstjurgh 81 65 . ; NCI spent 14 years studying •couniy-hy.cmmty fallout. Mail subscrirliom must lc paid m advance • and are available only wtinc delivery iv not maintainci L. That collective effort is a htrgcly unrec- - ognized, if modest success story: Even ;»s the ranlo of uninsured adults continue to ' swell inexorably, the number of uniasured children has remained stable, vrith about one in seven lacking coverage. Blaine County already has radioactive placer mines throughout the valley. residents weren’t accidental downwinders, a retired INEEL iiealth physicist said

About a dozen tractor pullers lined up their restored beauties in the arena and awaited a turn at dragging a mechanical weight as far .^s tlicir madiincs would pull it Hie winner pulls the weiglii - no one knows for sure how heavy it is - the far- thest. “What wx: don't ivani to itave liap- pen is mass hysteria about this,” said Dr. At the Silver Bullet information security conference in Sao Paulo, Nelson Novaes Neto showed how he managed to convince a target - another web security expert called 'Sec Girl' - to add the fake profile he set up as a friend.Student Camp is taking place in Chapel Porth, Cornwall, a peaceful seaside retreat that makes a welcome change from the urban familiar. Price includes: Food, accommodation, activities and transport.If you have an existing MY HERO Educator Account but have forgotten your login, please contact us here.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen.It’s a gem he found buried in the mud near Tuttle and restored. r OWUl SAUb -f ANIAl IICIM O- ' ' - - NUMHSS ' ^ ; WEATHER 1 (OCXll Otl CAUl ' Pf CJl • 'ntc Tinics Nc TTU Call 24 |, Hours A Pj M* -j i MOVIRS Knlg M-fllddor Nows Scnrico WASHINGTON — The White llouse'said Friday that Fresideni Clinton will oppose a provision in the new' tax bill that allows the tobacco industry to cm its pay- ments to victims of smoking-relntt^ diseases.

The 18-horscpower .antique runs on a two^ylindcr engine. A last-minute addition to die bill, wiiidi Clinton plans to sign into law on Tuesday, gave tobacco compa- nies the ri^it to subtract up to S2.

'ITactor pulling is no iiciion spmi, but it’s plenty exhilarating for a summer afternoon at the fair when all it takes to work up a sweat is a walk from the fun- ■ nel cake Iwotli to the lemonade cart. Stanley Feld, past president of the American Association of Clinical Endoain Qlog LSts.

Retired farmer Bill Peterson of Tunic brought out his 1950 John Deer MT ' Saturday for the first time. Lows in the 40s to midipi(/r\ Evening; Venus, Jupiter, M.w. Tiina^'cws staff ttirifcrsyomi/’cr Sttitdo Kiim attd Kmn liichm con- . Glinten-eppeses-tebaeee measure in tax legislation SPORTS n O-(ail U-r OKKXa UOIH Pteii LOTTERY'S IMWINNm C ir«i«i rrcn , .

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“Ultimately in the backof his mind is how the constituency is going to Ixj affected,’' At issue is wlicther Idaho should open , up its billion-doliar electrical industry to competitive, frce-mnrket forces. But most states tu'e already ' a step or two aliead of Wasliington. 1 aero, 5th Fgaway $25,500 331*2130 KIMBERLY, FILER, SHOSHONE.