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Northwestern dating scene

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In fact, according to Weinberg director of social psychology Eli Finkel, phone apps like Friendsy actually help facilitate extended human interaction and have the ability to increase the overall amount of dating that occurs on campus.“People have been complaining about the dating scene at Northwestern for forever, and I think this is something that can really help it,” Finkel said.“I’m not saying this particular company has cracked the code.

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Websites like e claimed to find your ideal match with scientific data about you, which of course never works.It addresses the "coolness" issue by providing a service that students actually need – shrinking the campus to make options more accessible.Apprehensions aside, more than 1,700 Wildcats have accounts, and that number is only growing.So let’s mess around with it.’”While 65 percent of all matches made on Friendsy are friendships, Pinsky said Northwestern matches are split fairly even between friendships and the two romantic options, which perhaps says something about Northwestern students’ unwillingness to embrace a potentially rewarding networking opportunity and their need to brush it off as a big sexual joke. According to a 2013 Pew Research study, only 5 percent of people ages 18-24 and only 3 percent of college students use dating apps.Social network researcher Kevin Lewis said this low usage rate is because college campuses already provide so many ways for students to meet one another that using your phone to do it just doesn't seem necessary.“College students traditionally are underrepresented [on dating apps],” Lewis said. College students are surrounded by people that in theory they can take.I think the whole point is nobody’s cracked the code.”To understand this theory, we need to take a bit of a closer look at the history books.

Internet dating can be broken down into three “generations,” Finkel said.

The problem with this initial generation of techno-romance was people’s reliance on words and pictures to assess compatibility.

No matter how hard we try, no profile can ever adequately capture a person’s full character.

Only one week since its launch at Northwestern, it'll still take some time to see whether or not Friendsy will stick and, if so, what space it will occupy in students' lives.

But let’s not forget that when Tinder first launched here, it also got a lot of criticism from the student body.“I think Northwestern tries to be really socially ironic a lot,” Hume said, “When things pop up that are cool and hip and with it, there’s kind of a natural pushback with things like Friendsy … Because like, ‘Oh, we’re all too smart and professional for this kind of thing.

“If you’re content with your social circle and you’re fine with that, then I don’t know if you’re going to get a whole lot out of the app.”Hume once went into Chicago to meet up with a Tinder match, and he said he’s recently been texting a girl he matched with on Friendsy this week – two human connections he wouldn’t have made without the apps, simply because the chances are so slim that he would’ve physically run into them by accident otherwise.