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It's just the S&M, sex clubs, swinging and submission fantasies that I am not too sure about. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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I am, I have discovered, a fan of sex clubs, swinging and sado-masochism."We found that we had it in common, and so we began formatting it," says Cox.While in France, they had this "amazing" group of friends, who rather incongruously included J K Rowling ("a typical Leo woman – they tend to want superstardom," says Starsky) and the designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Apparently, he couldn't be any more typical of his star sign, Pisces, whose males they introduce in Sextrology as seeing "no irony in adopting a personality, often a hoity-toity one".The fact that I don't conform to the kinky Cancerian archetype may explain why it took them three attempts to guess my star sign.Usually, they're quite good at it; I have read reports of them correctly surmising journalists' signs minutes after meeting them. "Recently, we met this woman who I sensed had been crying, but she was trying to hide it.In their book, there are 24 signs of the Zodiac, not 12.

Their theory, explained by Cox, is this: "Women and men in the same sign can actually be totally opposite.

I thought, boom, Sagittarius, because they don't ever want anyone to know that anything is wrong."Are the couple themselves, I wonder, typical of their star signs? "I like a challenge, whereas he's like...""Tell me what 'challenge' means," Cox chimes in. " And are they sexually compatible, astrologically speaking? "I'm perfectly interested in hearing about it, but we're not fetishists.

"Oh, almost exaggeratedly so," laughs Cox."I'm very Capricorn. "Together, there's an artistic effect to it," muses Cox. It's more subtly erotic.""I'm pretty much in it for myself," adds Starsky."Yeah. So everybody's happy."They say that, despite the no-holds-barred attitude to sex displayed in the book, they are both quite normal when it comes to bedroom antics. "It involves too much ironing."So it doesn't interest you at all? I have a slight taste for younger men, but that's about it.""And delivery boys.""Yes, and delivery boys. so capable."The couple have been practising their playful form of astrology since they met 20 years ago, while studying in France.

They started out writing horoscopes for Teen People magazine in the US, where they would write separate entries for both sexes in each sign.

This has led to the rather revolutionary astrological basis of Sextrology.

Their interests seem to lie more in astrology as psychology than in speculations about the movements of the planets, which must delight their shrink-addicted New York readers.