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The victims testified at Alvarez's criminal trial last year, recounting how he picked them up while they walked alone in the darkness along a strip known for prostitution, drugs and homelessness.Investigators found a personal "spycam" that Alvarez used to record some of the sex acts.

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The girl said she began receiving text messages from Ruscoe that grew sexual and that he eventually professed his affection for her and gave her a silver bracelet with a heart-shaped charm that said "Made with Love." In an incident at the officer's home, he removed her cadet uniform and sexually assaulted her. C., pleaded guilty in October to sexually abusing two teenagers who were members of the church where the officer was head pastor.Holtzclaw has been fired and his trial is set to begin on Monday, Nov. ((Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office via AP)DANIEL HOLTZCLAWDaniel Holtzclaw, 28, of the Oklahoma City Police, is scheduled for trial Monday, accused of sexual offenses against 13 women, including rape, forced oral sodomy and sexual battery. The former college football star is accused of targeting mostly poor women from the same rundown neighborhood.Prosecutors say he often used the same ploy of accusing the women of concealing drugs beneath their clothes, then directing them to expose themselves."It's somebody that he as a police officer felt like he had power over. William Nulick, of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office in California, is awaiting trial after being charged with sexually assaulting four women in 2013.Two who speak only Spanish claim Nulick pulled them over and led them into remote areas, asking for sexual favors in lieu of writing them tickets.One of the women referred to Alvarez as a "creepy cop" she tried to avoid, but couldn't.

California doesn't decertify officers for misconduct, though Alvarez relinquished his badge when he was arrested.

Jonathan Bleiweiss is shown in this photo provided by the Florida Department of Corrections.

Bleiweiss, of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, was sentenced to a five-year prison term in February 2015 for bullying about 20 immigrant men into sex acts.

Holtzclaw was charged with sexual offenses against 13 women while on duty.

Holtzclaw has been fired and his trial is set to begin on Monday, Nov. Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is shown in this booking photo provided by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

California and New York, for example, did not provide records because they have no statewide process for decertification. that reflect how such crimes can occur, and the devastation they leave behind.