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Updating a pdf document software

Corona Document Management System) acts like a search engine so users can find what they are looking for faster.

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Installation Note If you have a 64-bit computer with Microsoft Office installed, please make sure that Microsoft Office is also a 64-bit version.Although the notion of retrieving a particular document is simple, retrieval in the electronic context can be quite complex and powerful.Simple retrieval of individual documents can be supported by allowing the user to specify the unique document identifier, and having the system use the basic index (or a non-indexed query on its data store) to retrieve the document.More flexible retrieval allows the user to specify partial search terms involving the document identifier and/or parts of the expected metadata.This would typically return a list of documents which match the user's search terms.EDM systems evolved to a point where systems could manage any type of file format that could be stored on the network.

The applications grew to encompass electronic documents, collaboration tools, security, workflow, and auditing capabilities.

The resulting extracted text can be used to assist users in locating documents by identifying probable keywords or providing for full text search capability, or can be used on its own.

Extracted text can also be stored as a component of metadata, stored with the image, or separately as a source for searching document collections.

Many document management systems attempt to integrate document management directly into other applications, so that users may retrieve existing documents directly from the document management system repository, make changes, and save the changed document back to the repository as a new version, all without leaving the application.

Such integration is commonly available for office suites and e-mail or collaboration/groupware software.

Capture may also involve accepting electronic documents and other computer-based files. Indexing may be as simple as keeping track of unique document identifiers; but often it takes a more complex form, providing classification through the documents' metadata or even through word indexes extracted from the documents' contents. One area of critical importance for rapid retrieval is the creation of an index topology. Storage of the documents often includes management of those same documents; where they are stored, for how long, migration of the documents from one storage media to another (hierarchical storage management) and eventual document destruction.